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My Promise…

is to always achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction by providing total pest elimination as our family has done since 1967

–Patrick Walsh
Director of Operations

Our Guarantee…

is to eliminate pests from your facility and continually strive to maintain a 100% pest free environment.


Pests That Won't Be Your Business’ Problem Anymore

Five Diamond Guarantee

“Our office had a fruit fly infestation. They had practically declared victory as our insect overlords and were about to begin harvesting our organs. One visit from Patrick and the office belonged to us again.”

Andy Smith

“I, as a first time customer was greatly impressed by VanWal's professionalism and excellent customer service. You did a fantastic job in the treatment of our pest problem in our restaurant.”

Bob Jarrett
Hursey's Cafe

“Vanwal Pest Elimination has helped keep my restaurant free of cockroaches, ants, and rats. My last health department rating was above 100. I highly recommend Vanwal to any business.”

Joe M
Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant

“Thank you VanWal for eliminating all of our pests! Thank You from myself, our employees and our guests that dine at our facility.”

C.D. Watson
Tripps #20

“Thank you for the wonderful business relationship we have formed over the past years.”

Streets & Avenues Inc.
Chop House Restaurants

“After using pest control firms for over 10 years we learned to live with cockroaches and their excuses for their failure but after switching to VANWAL we are cockroach free in only 3 months!!”

Diane - GM
Baytree Apts

“For the first time in over 5 years, I can say I have no issues with any pest of any kind. I have delt with Eco-Lab and many other companies in pest control & none of them have given me the results that VanWal has.”

Cory W. - Assistant Kitchen Manager
TK Restaurant in Fayatteville, NC

“VanWal is AWESOME!”

Sarah L, Facility Manager
Sherwood Apartments

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